Monday, June 12, 2017

Flanigans Texas Distillery and Winery in Bertram Tx

Flanigan's Texas Distillery and Winery
Bertram, Texas 

Guests of The Verandas Guest House often ask us about local attractions such as wineries and restaurants in and around Burnet, Texas.  We found time to visit one of the newer places last week and were delighted!  Flanigan's Distillery and Winery is located just a short 15 minute drive from here.  The building was originally a lumberyard, that has been transformed to look like a hotel for the filming of the movie The Newton Boys.  It has a nice courtyard for outside visits and dining. 

The inside is truly spectacular, with a grand staircase and beautiful woodwork all around.  The best part of the experience was at the bar, where tastings of wine and whiskey take place.  Kevin, the owner, coached us on how to judge the look, smell, feel, and taste each of the wines or whiskey in the tasting.  It is not just an average tasting, but an educational tutorial which makes you leave feeling like a wine / whiskey expert! 

They have light fare available for pairings if you are hungry, but they also have a "Passport" for Sunday Dinners that feature foods from a different country or region each month.  

We've added them to our "Wines Off 29" Trail map, and their hours are 12 to 6 pm on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday and from 12 - 7 pm on Friday and Saturday.
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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Well Well Well - April 2017

The well out front is a great topic of conversation as the lore and legend tells us that it was hand-dug to serve horses for the inn / hotel guests and stagecoaches in Burnet, Texas in the 1800s.

There is an electrical switch on the side and wires running down a pole in the center that we assumed  were for a pump and that it was burned out, since we could never get it to work.

Also, there was an extra flood lamp light bulb in the laundry room when we bought the house that we could never figure out what it went to --- now we know!

After dinner the other evening at Cafe 2300 , we had a wonderful conversation with Tom, the owner.  He knew a little bit about the Verandas.  He told us that previous owners had a light that illuminated the well on the porch.  So, we HAD to take the grate off the top of the well and investigate.

Sure enough, the wires were to a flood light -- and the switch was to the light!
So, we were off to Hoover's Hardware to get supplies to replace the socket and re-wire the light!

A few minutes later we lowered the wire and flipped the switch...

The water is so BLUE looking!   
We had NO IDEA!  
 It is much deeper than we had imagined, and it seems to be coming from two separate streams from the north and east.  

Come see for yourself!  The Crockett Suite is right by the well.  Reserve online now at or call (512) 588-0088, and we'll be happy to show you this fun new feature at The Verandas Guest House.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

What's Growing On - February 2017

Are you ready for bluebonnet season?  It's not even springtime in the Hill Country yet, and we already have lots of our garden plants showing off!  If you get ready to come see the wildflower trails in the Burnet area, The Verandas Guest House is a great lodging location for you to spend an evening or a weekend! 

The front garden salvia, mountain laurel, rosemary, and roses have started putting on color this week. 

 The wisteria on the patio gate is blossoming and smelling wonderful!  

And of course, the bluebonnets don't want to be left out.  
Lots of sprouts in the front yard and even a few beauties trying to make an early appearance!  
We're starting to see patches along both highways through town.  Should be a great year!

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Locals Love Us! - February 2017

Each year, one of our local news agencies - The Picayune and KBEY 103.9 FM has its readers and radio listeners vote for their favorite places in the Highland Lakes area. On Valentine's Day, The Verandas Guest House received its award for Favorite Bed and Breakfast in Burnet!  What a way to feel loved!  This is the 4th year in a row that we have been named a Locals Love Us winner. We're so grateful to all of our guests, friends, and neighbors who vote for us each year.  

Here's our award sticker!
We can't wait to put it up!
Some other categories that might help our guests plan a visit to Burnet, Texas.  As you can see, there's a lot of great places to go and fabulous things to see and do when you come visit!

Best Food / Drink 
Best BBQ - BBQ Shack
Best Chicken Fried Steak - Crazy Gal's (come HUNGRY if you order the large!) 
Best Burger - Bill's Burgers
Best Coffee - Mojo Coffee 
Best Frozen Treat - Happy Scoops 
Best Bakery - Gude's
Best Asian Restaurant - Aranya Thai 
Best Iced Tea - Trailblazer Grill (their peach iced tea is the best!) 

Best Shopping & Things to Do 
Best Antiques - Finds of All Kinds 
Best Florist - Lizzy's Flowers 
Best Park - Inks Lake State Park 
Best Golf Course - Delaware Springs 
Best Community Event - Summer Concerts in Haley Nelson Park

Ready to come play and stay?  Make your reservation at or call us at (512) 588-0088 and we'll help you with your getaway!