Vandeveer Cottage

June 17, 2021 
Walls in bedroom are done!  Started caulking the corners to get ready for primer and paint. 

March 17, 2021 
Built a little "bump-out" into the mudroom just to the bedroom door to accommodate the tub -- it will have built-in shelves / towel rack.  Started playing with the upper beadboard color to get a feel for it all -- then we assembled the tub and placed it in the space to get an idea of how awesome it is going to be!

March 6, 2021 
Started sanding, priming, and installing the plankboard for the lower part of the walls -- WALLS!  We are finally getting WALLS!

December, 2020 
We found a tub to fit the narrow space behind the door in the bathroom. 
Insulation passed inspection, too! 

December 6, 2020 
Divided and conquered:  One of us did insulation while the other laid the tile in the bathroom.

November 25, 2020 
SO -- we found some black / white "penny" tile on sale and bought all they had.  It is going to look awesome with the original sink. 
Got the closets framed for the bedroom, there will be a bench window seat between them for storage, too -- inspiration from the crazy corner closets in the Austin suite, and the window seat similar to the Crockett Suite. 

November 24, 2020 
The sink arrived!  High back single drainboard (may have to raise the window-- oops)  But it is from the late 20s and is in FABULOUS shape!  Now to find legs and faucet!

October 17, 2020 
A few repairs to the siding on the north side, swapped the kitchen windows (big one to the north side, little one to the west / back) and repaired the roof eave on the front porch. 

September 24, 2020 
It's official!  City got things with the sewer straightened out and everything is good to go.  We have a water meter!

August 17,  2020
Framing the bedroom/bathroom walls -- starting to look like rooms now! 

August 5-9, 2020 
Flooring Sort and stain
Picked up some wood to finish floors -- played with the stain options, and we've got a pretty close match!

August 1,  2020 
I bought a sink!  Can't wait for it to get here!

July 31,  2020 
Plumbing Finishing touches 
Had to go rent another toy tool to widen the sewer trench and still was under budget!
Had the plumbers  sign their work in case the owners in the next 85 years want some history to research 

July 30,  2020 
Plumbing Day 2
Pipes for the fixtures are ready to go and the sewer pipe is here 

July 29,  2020 
Plumbing Day! 
All the drainlines are done, and the water line to the house is set up. Tomorrow the pipes for fixtures and sewer lines are getting done.  
We also cut out the big cast iron vent pipe that was in the bathroom. Note:cast iron is HEAVY!!!

July 28,  2020 
Ditches for water lines and Back Door 
Jesse got to use heavy machinery (toy) to dig trenches for tomorrow -- until it started raining, so we moved inside and worked on getting the back door framed and installed. When the rain stopped we finished the trenches. 

July 27,  2020 
We have water service! Plumber comes Wednesday!  Back kitchen wall done!

July 26,  2020 
Back half of the house progress- New ceiling beam,  knocked out rest of the cedar plank walls, framed new kitchen window (no pic of it yet)

July 24,  2020 
Bathroom Wall Framing and Prepping for Plumber to come Wednesday 
New window, shored up a few floor joists,  plus we're leaving the floor open across the back third of the house so all the new pipe can be laid. 

July 23,  2020 
Bathroom Prep
Knocked down rest of the bathroom walls, took out the window, and cut back the flooring from the bedroom closet so we can enlarge the bath a few feet. 
Gas company came and flagged lines so we can start digging lines for plumbing!

July 22,  2020 
Front Bedroom Wall Framing and Prepping to work on the Bathroom 
Enlarged and replaced front bedroom window to match size and code requirements of the front living room wall and replaced a damaged floor plank on this side of the room. 

And now the front half of the house framing is finished! 

Cleaned up doors and boards at back of the house to make room to work on the bathroom window and knocked out the plank wall of the bathroom to make room for the demo and framing. 

July 21, 2020 
Side Bedroom Wall Framing and some other stuff 
The City came and flagged where the new water line will be! 

Sorted the flooring planks to try to salvage / keep as much as we can for the kitchen area. All those nails -- a tetanus shot waiting to happen. 

First real snafu we've encountered... the wall was so heavy we had to get help lifting it. Once up, one of the 3 window openings was off, so it took a little extra maneuvering to reposition it,  and we were able to keep all 3 original windows! 

July 20, 2020 
Replacing Center Beam 
The first pic is how everything looked when we started today. Then the new beam went in and brackets for the joists were attached. The last pic is how everything looked when we finished today!

July 19, 2020 
Removing Center Beam 
Today we cut out the 2x4 beam, made a real header beam, and built end supports  

July 18, 2020 
Removing Center Wall 
Temp walls are up,  and all the cedar planks that served as the "load bearing wall" have been cut out. 

Also finished spray painting the frame of the front replacement window. 

July 16, 2020 
Removing Center Beam / Wall 
This was neither in the center, nor was it actually a beam... the wall was just cedar planks nailed to the "beam" at the top and the floor joists ar the bottom--and the flooring was put in around it! This is going to have to be cut out!
Apparently in 1935, a 2x4 counted as a beam!  We got a temporary support frame put up on one side. Tomorrow we will do the other side so we can cut out the planks and put in a real beam. 

July 15, 2020 
Side Living Room Wall framing - 1/4 of the exterior framing is done! 
We were able to keep both of the original windows on this wall


July 14, 2020 
Front Living Room Wall framing - 
Window had to be enlarged for building code specifications, so we removed the trim and took out the old window and cut out the opening to replace it with a new one

July 13, 2020 
Welcome Mat at the front door - an impulse buy, but it was just too perfect! 

New Keypad Door Handle, too

July 8, 2020 
Electricity Pedestal! 
Drove up to find the city was putting inthe electrical pedestal for us --- we don't have any wiring yet, but so exciting to know that it's ready when we are!

June 19, 2020 
New Posts on the Porch and New Screen Door for the front
Used some leftover trim paint from the Verandas to get an idea of what it could look like when finished

New Back Door that doesn't need to be screwed and unscrewed to get it to open and close!

June 14, 2020 
Interior after all the building materials were cleaned out and we swept the floors.

Living Room from the back 

Living Room and Kitchen from the front 


June 2, 2020 
Signed Papers on a little cottage on Vandeveer Street today! 

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